Hurricane Harvey Update


Our thoughts are with everyone so greatly impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Houston Operations

The Norriseal-WellMark Houston staff is safe and dry; however, some have lost possessions, automobiles, and homes due to flooding. We continue to evaluate the personal impact of the storm to our employees.

Our office building sustained flood damage and the clean-up is already well under way. Since September 5, the inside sales team has been working from an offsite facility while the office renovation is completed.

Factory personnel returned to normal operations on August 31. We expect lead times and delivery commitments to be minimally affected, if at all.

Other Resources

Our Oklahoma City (405-813-4562) and Broussard (337-837-3223) facilities were unaffected by the storm and continue normal operations with regular hours.

Our channel partners keep ample inventory levels and have a strong technical knowledge. You can feel confident in their support for your needs.

We are thankful for your understanding if you experienced a delay in the days immediately following the storm. Moving forward, the Norriseal-WellMark team is readily available.

Our dedicated Houston-based Inside Sales Team and Regional Managers are standing by to assist you. Please feel free to contact them directly.

Inside Sales Team

Adrienne Hadnot, Customer Service Representative:
713-849-1237   adrienne.hadnot@doverautomation.com

Alejandro Montiel, Technical Service Representative
713-849-1234   alejandro.montiel@doverautomation.com

Chanda Oates, Jr. Technical Service Representative
713-849-1229   chanda.oates@doverautomation.com

Crystal Rodriguez, Customer Service Representative
713-849-1238   crystal.rodroguez@doverautomation.com

Kenosha Maddox, Customer Service Representative
713-849-1232   kenosha.maddox@doverautomation.com

Marco Torres, Technical Service Representative
713-849-1230   marco.torres@doverautomation.com

Maribel Cerqueda, Technical Service Representative
713-849-1245   maribel.cerqueda@doverautomation.com

Mark Roberts, Technical Service Representative
713-849-1236   mark.roberts@doverautomation.com

Tom Mendenhall, Technical Service Representative
713-849-1231   tom.mendenhall@doverautomation.com

Melanie Marisett, Inside Sales Manager
713-849-1239   melanie.marisett@doverautomation.com

Regional Managers

Bobby Messer
832-267-2683   bobby.messer@doverautomation.com

Terry Davis
281-687-6992   terry.davis@doverautomation.com

Ragin Pate
713-409-9848   ragin.pate@doverautomation.com

Gary Kendall
713-253-0012   gary.kendall@doverautomation.com

Nic Dion
337-205-1108   nic.dion@doverautomation.com

Renee Means
281-928-6504   renee.means@doverautomation.com

Sean Bromley
713-413-7527   sean.bromley@doverautomation.com

Patricia Lewis
281-658-5129   patricia.lewis@doverautomation.com