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1800 Pneumatic & Electric Liquid Level Control, Low Pressure No-Bleed

The WellMark 1800 Liquid Level Control offers design simplicity, easy installation, adjustment, and reliable liquid-level monitoring. The Model 1800 can be equipped with a snap action 3-way 2-port valve (1800M) or an electrical contact switch (1800E).

The Model 1800 is actuated by movable arms that permit the control range to be adjusted easily and accurately set to the range desired. With the liquid level below the float, the 3-way 2-port valve, or micro switch, will be in low level position and will remain there until the float rises to the pre-set high level. The 3-way 2-port valve, or micro switch, reverses positions as the float rises or drops through the pre-set level.

The 1800 Liquid Level Control can be used in oil and gas processing, manufacturing plants, hazardous waste disposal, food processing, petrochemical facilities, or wherever fluid levels need to be monitored or controlled.

  • Design Simplicity
  • Easy Installation
  • Simple Adjustment
  • Reliable Liquid Level Monitoring
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