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710 Flanged Cage Level Control

The Model 710 Series are float-operated units designed for external mounting to the process vessel and provide high pressure capabilities with low specific gravity ratings within the petroleum, power and natural gas industries. These models provide reliable magnetic switching for level alarm or control function applications.


As the liquid rises, the float moves the attached magnetic attraction sleeve into the field of the magnet located in the switch housing. As this magnet swings toward the enclosing tube, it causes the microswitch to actuate. As the liquid level falls, the magnetic attraction sleeve moves out of the magnetic field and the bias spring pulls the magnet away from the enclosing tube, which deactuates the micro switch.

  • Construction Versatility: Standard Level Control includes a Carbon Steel float cage with a choice of threaded, socket-weld or flanged tank connection. Consult factory for other materials.

Explosion Proof: CSA APPROVED

  • Class I, Division I, Groups C & D
  • Class II, Groups E, F & G
  • Class III, Enclosure Type 4

Various Models: A wide selection of cage & trim materials and switch mechanisms are available.

  • 100% Hydrostatic Test @1 1 /2 Times Related Pressure.
  • Switch Housing: Explosion Proof Cast Aluminum
  • Operating Pressure: 350 psi Max.
  • Operating Temperature: 450˚F Max.
  • Minimum Specific Gravity: 0.69
  • Electrical Connections: 1 1 /4″ Female Pipe Thread
  • Electrical Contacts: SPDT Micro Switch standard
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