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Series 1005P1 Pneumatic Liquid Level Switch

Model 1005P1 is a float-actuated, pneumatic switch that opens or closes a block and bleed snap-acting valve. This switch is used as either a high or low level alarm with pneumatic panels. Model P is the same as Model O except a pneumatic 3-way pilot valve is added. This style is for use with a pneumatically operated control valve to control liquids in separators and scrubbers, etc.

  • Rugged carbon steel or 316 SST body with SST float
  • Maximum 1,500 psig working pressure @ 220°F/104°C
  • Can be mounted in an external chamber


  • Process Connection
    2.00″ NPT
  • Material
    Carbon steel plated (std.)
    316 stainless steel (opt.)
  • Pressure rating
    1500 psig
  • Vent connection
    0.25″ NPT (female)


  • Material
    316 stainless steel
  • Pressure rating
    1500 psig


  • Material (wetted)
    Fluorocarbon (std.), nitrile (opt.)
  • Material (non-wetted)
    Nitrile (Std.), fluorocarbon (opt.)


  • Supply
    Min. operating 15 psig
    Max. operating 50 psi
    Max. allowable 100 psi
  • Connection
    0.125″ NPT (female)


  • Type
  • Connection
    0.125″ NPT (female)
  • Pressure gauge
    0-30 psig (std.) 0-60 psig (opt.)\

Temperature Rating

  • 180° F (std.) 250° (opt.)

Specific Gravity (Min.)

  • 0.60 (std.)
    Lower specific gravity, consult factory
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