Liquid Level Gauges

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Series 1200A Magnetic Gauges

Accurate, low-maintenance alternative to sight glasses. Robust design is ideal for high-temperature, high-pressure and corrosive applications. Easy to install and virtually eliminates the need for extra piping.

Series 1200A magnetic gauges, transmitters and switches provide accurate liquid level measurement, communication and control for storage tanks, separators and other pressure vessels.

  • Visual level indication at 150+ feet
  • No process liquid contact with indicator glass
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Meets boiler specifications (ASME B31.1/B31.3)
  • High and low switches available

Standard Specifications

  • Non-magnetic chamber material
  • All flanges, fittings & pipe meet ASME/ANSI standards
  • Fabricated/welded to B31.1/B31.3 code

Float Chamber:

  • 2”-3” pipe W/RF flanges – Sch 40
  • 1/2” FNPT vent & drain connections
  • All flanges & fittings rated for process conditions
  • Connections: 1/2” thru 8” plus
  • Pressure ratings up to 5000 PSIG
  • Temperature Rating: -350°F to +1100°F
  • Specific gravity range: .28 and up
  • Lengths from 4.0” to 50 feet


  • Feet & Inches, 1/4” divisions
  • Photo etched and backfilled on stainless steel
  • Metric, percentage or volumetric available


  • Bright colored – orange (liquid) blue (vapor)
  • Can be seen from 150 ft or more
  • 0.7” wide
  • Hermetically sealed
    * Note: All gauges are hydrostatically tested to 1-1/2 times pressure rating specified.
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