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Series 2720 Space Saving Control Valve

Space-saving, economical version of the Series 2700A valve with close-coupled (yokeless) actuator. Trim variations are interchangeable; packing is non-adjustable and spring-loaded.

  • Includes all Series 2700A features except yoke
  • Space saving, economical design
  • Reverse- or direct-acting, close-coupled (yokeless) actuator
  • Visual travel indicator on the actuator housing
  • Globe body, bolted bonnet closure
  • Non-adjustable, spring-loaded packing
  • Interchangeable trim variations
  • Body sizes from 1 inch (25 mm) through 4 inch (100 mm)
  • Equal percent, modified percent, linear, quick-opening, low noise and cavitation trims available
  • Reverse- or direct-acting, close-coupled (yokeless) actuator with visual travel indicator
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