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Series 4300 Pneumatic Pressure Controller

The Norriseal Series 4300 is a pneumatic non-indicating pressure controller, that provides either proportional or on/off control. The Series 4300 combines rugged construction, simple operation and adjustment, and easy installation. The Bourdon tube sensing element provides pressure ratings up to 7,500 psig and is field replaceable.

The Series 4300 is ideal for most types of control valve installations requiring a robust, dependable pneumatic controller with a minimum of parts.

  • Stainless steel fasteners and fittings for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Weathertight case with removable cover
  • Optional compliance to NACE Spec MR0175
  • Field-reversible controller action
  • Convenient adjustment of proportional band and set point
  • Different orifices available to suit actuator size
  • Action:
    Direct (increasing process pressure increases output)
    Reverse (increasing process pressure decreases output)
  • Control Modes:
    Proportional or on/off
  • Orifice Type:
    Fixed or intermittent Bleed
  • Sensing Element:
    Bourdon tube
  • Input Signal:
    Positive pressure consistent with Bourdon tube rating
  • Output Signal:
    Proportional: 3-15 or 6-30 psig
    On/Off: 0-20 or 0-35 psig
  • Supply Pressure:
    20 psig for 3-15 output
    35 psig for 6-30 output
    (Clean, dry air or non-corrosive gas)
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