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Series 4900 Pneumatic Pressure Controller

Series 4900 pneumatic pressure controllers combine reliable, low-emission operation with service-enhanced design.

Series 4900 controllers provide control in proportional-only, proportional plus integral (reset), differential gap or transmitter modes. Standard pressure ratings up to 10,000 psig are available with 316 SST Bourdon tube sensing elements (consult Norriseal for higher pressure ratings).

Weather-resistant enclosures assure reliable operation in harsh environments.

  • Flush-mounted internals and open design allow easy access and repair
  • Removable door
  •  Easy, field-reversible action
  • Significantly reduced leak paths minimize bleeding of valuable gases
  • NACE MR0175-2002 compliance with optional diaphragm seals to isolate the sensing element
  • Optional instrument air regulator

Model 4950: Proportional-Only Control
Model 4960: Proportional-Plus-Reset Control
Model 4970: Differential Gap Control
Model 4980: Transmitter Only

Output Signal
Proportional Only Control or Proportional-Plus-Reset Controllers and Transmitters:
3 to 15 psig 
6 to 30 psig

Differential Gap Control:
0 to 20 psig 
0 to 35 psig

Action (Field Reversible)
 Direct-increasing sensed pressure produces increasing output signal.
 Reverse-increasing sensed pressure produces decreasing output signal.

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