Success Stories

Environmental Stewardship and Savings


A case-study using Series 2200 control valves equipped with Tritex II™ electric actuators from Norriseal-WellMark

See how a Denver-based E&P company saves over $2.1 million per year by changing to Series 2200 control valves with Tritex II electric actuators.

Norriseal-WellMark’s Director of Sales & Marketing Javvad Qasimi presents the details in this article published in Valve World magazine:

Valve World Success Story




Solving Erosion in Dump Valves


A case-study using Series a 4″ 2720 control valve from Norriseal-WellMark

See how a gas producer in West Texas combates erosion, increases dump valve life and reduces the overall cost of ownership by changing to 4″ Series 2720 control valves with tungsten carbide trim material.

Dump Valve Success Story




Interface Level Control Solution

A case-study using Series 1001A level controller from Norriseal-WellMark

See how an oil and gas producer in Wyoming overcomes an elevated process temperature, small difference between the specific gravities of oil and water, and flanged nozzle projection dimension by changing to the reliable Series 1001A Level Controller that is correctly configured for interface control.

Interface Level Control Success Story