We Deliver Value

Engineered Performance for Extended Value

Norriseal-WellMark has a single mission: to help you be your best.

To achieve it, we’re committed to providing products that perform reliably and service that enables you to reduce costs, save time, improve safety, increase environmental compliance and boost productivity.

When you need valve and control solutions, Norriseal-WellMark is the resource uniquely qualified to deliver extended value.


Norriseal-WellMark products are built for long-term performance, with award-winning designs and quality manufacturing. We are certified to ISO 9001 standards and dedicated to continuous improvement in products and customer support. We operate in compliance with all industry standards and manufacture to the most up-to-date design criteria and requirements of ANSI B16.34. For you, it all means one thing: reliability in every product you buy.


Competitive pricing is just one of the ways you save with Norriseal-WellMark. Our products continue to reduce your costs with straightforward installation and trouble-free operation. When routine service is required, it’s designed to be simple and economical to perform in the field. Best of all, Norriseal-WellMark products are ruggedly built to provide extended service life, avoiding replacement costs for significantly longer.


You can depend on Norriseal-WellMark for total support. We work with you to understand your application and offer the most effective solutions. Our in-house engineering and technical support teams size and specify the right products for the job and can custom-tailor them to meet specific requirements. What’s more, we continue to back you with aftermarket training, phone support, factory and field support, and expert problem-solving.


From the wellsite to the warehouse, time is money. That’s why Norriseal-WellMark sets the standard for fast, on-time delivery. For you, that means shorter lead times for the products you need, with greater productivity for your operations and streamlined procurement.


With over six decades of service and continuous research and development, Norriseal-WellMark understands your needs and has the expertise to meet them. We are committed to exceptional service and we’re agile enough to respond to your unique requirements. For people and products you can count on, look to Norriseal-WellMark.

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